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Компания: World GN / Your Network

Страна, Город: България, Стара Загора 

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Интересы: Продажа реальной продукции

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    MLM №-1 на мире WOR(I)D GN
  • Еще профиль: https://www.facebook.com/polenbg
Телефон: +359893411270
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Отзыв про World GN / Your Network

WOR(l)D Global Network is a public company, headquartered in London and is in the process of launching in the US.

Today, WOR(l)D Global Network is active in more than 100 countries worldwide, thanks to thousands of our distributors who share our products and services.

Inspire the change.


By developing a network of people who share the opportunity and buy WOR(l)D’s lovemarked products and by leveraging our passion for relationship marketing and innovative technologies.

We are active in 5 of the greatest growth industries

  • Direct sales
  • Mobile Technology
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Video and VoIP Communications
  • Renewable Energy
We work to the highest ethical standards

In January 2012, WOR(l)D became part of the “Singapore Business Federation Bureau“.

Among the thousands of Network Marketing companies, WOR(l)D is in the process of becoming one of the 200 companies who are members of the prestigious Direct Selling Association (DSA).


The Mobile communication and Technology industry is one of the fast growing markets in the world, with a business volume of over 300 Billion a year in exponential growth, and with over 4 Billion consumers. However although there is a such a huge opportunity in this market, only a few dominant Mobile operators occupying the forefront are really taking advantage of this enormous market, leaving almost nothing for the small operators, such as the Mobile virtual operators, Voice over IP providers or long distance calls providers. The reality is that to make money and share a piece of this market you have to own and control the network infrastructure, so WOR(l)D, thanks to its innovative mCell 5GHz technology, is building its own LTE Wireless Network with you.

WOR(l)D is smashing this paradigm by using an innovative technology called mCell 5GHz. mCell 5GHz uses the LTE Technology used by the current operators, but by shifting the radio frequency from the licensed spectrum to the 5Ghz free (ISM) spectrum used today by any WiFi network. It can achieve better performance because of the usage of a wider bandwidth compared with traditional LTE and it carefully avoids collision with existing WiFi, thus assuring a perfect coexistence and improving the performance up to 4X.

WOR(l)D’s approach to the construction of the mCell 5GHz network is truly innovative. The Network will be deployed by installing a special Micro Cell named “Space Station”, and the installation will be made directly by its own members, in their homes, offices, stores and venues. WOR(l)D members will then build and own the mCell 5GHz Network, receiving benefits in terms of reducing their communication costs and earning money as if they were Mobile operators.

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