Discovering EXANTE and SEC synergies

EXANTE follows all of the SEC requirements. Find out more about the broker by reading this review.

EXANTE allows access to the main markets all from a single multi-currency account, the trading terminal is named ATP EXANTE. The broker complies with the following financial regulators: SFC (Hong Kong), FCA, CySEC, MFSA. Additionally, the broker complies to the rules set by the SEC.

The founders of the organization include Alexey Kirienko (Owner of the Global Hedge Capital Fund) and programmer Anatoly Knyazev, who, alongside Vladimir Maslyakov worked on developing the trading platform.

Anatoly Knayzev graduated from Moscow State University in the mid-2000s, turning into a professional trader by engaging in the derivatives market. In 2011, Kiriyenko,  Maslyakov and Knyazev founded the EXANTE Limited brokerage company as well as a hedge fund dubbed Bitcoin Fund. Additionally, in 2013, Bloomberg the Bitcoin fund ranked among the most successful hedge funds in history. The mentioned fund displayed an ROI of 6400% per annum (that year, cryptocurrency increased from $ 6-8 to $1,000).

Clients of the EXANTE brokerage company

Now have a look at the wider audience working with the broker. The main categories of clients are:

  • Professional investors;
  • Private traders;
  • Asset Management Companies;
  • Brokers;
  • Venture capital funds;
  • Monetary and financial organizations.

Working with the EXANTE broker

The minimum funding necessary to start trading amounts to $10,000 or the equivalent in any fiat currency (like EUR, JPY and GBP, HKD, etc.). Moreover, once the funds are on the client’s account, it is possible to instantaneously convert the funds.

Before you start, you need to remotely sign the service agreement. In order to begin trading, you need to register your email address. To confirm your identity, you are required to provide a copy of your passport and a document that would confirm your residence for the past 6 months – a utility bill is sufficient for this purpose. Once your identity is verified, you will receive more information on how to deposit your account.

From a single account you can access:

  • ETFs and stocks
  • Currencies and metals
  • Futures and options
  • Bonds
  • Funds

The fees for trades depend, firstly, on the type of the asset that is being purchased and , second, the exchange from which it is being purchased. For example, for stocks as well as exchange-traded funds on the Moscow Exchange, the maximum fee is equal to 0.02% of the share price, while on the London Stock Exchange it’s 0.05% of the transaction value, and on the New York Stock Exchange, it equals to 2 cents per share.

Simultaneously, the EXANTE fee covers the execution price, clearing as well as exchange fees.

Many people note that the commission structure is comparatively competitive. For the sake of example, it is possible to examine purchasing stocks on the Moscow Exchange. EXANTE demands 0.02%, while KIT Finance charges 0.48% for this service. Obviously, EXANTE’s pricing is twice as competitive. Foreign market access fees are attractive as well.

EXANTE trading platform

An important aspect to keep in mind that EXANTE is one of the rare brokers who has developed the platform on his own.

The EXANTE trading terminal has a modular structure, each fraction of the whole being very intuitive and user-friendly. Experienced traders are the most satisfied with this particular platform. It is possible to completely personalize your trading terminal, adding and removing modules with a click of a mouse. It is difficult to name a better platform EXANTE.

The terminal allows you to choose between work on the automated or manual modes.

From the terminal it is possible to access more than 150,000 financial instruments. Thus you will have all what is necessary to step-up your investing game.

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